hello,everyone.my name is ***(你的名字),i'm *(你的年纪) years old.i study in ***(你的学校名) primary school.i'm in grade*(你的年级) class*(你的班级). i like football and english very much,and i often play football with my classmates

我的英语也不算是很好,下面的是从网上找的 ,你自己再改一下吧,希望对你有帮助 pesonel statement(introduction) good morning,my dear teachers,my dear professors.i am very glad to be here for your interview.my name is song yonghao,i am

Teacher Hello, I am glad to introduce myself to do here. My name is XXX, you can call me the English name is XXX. I am XX years old, graduated from tertiary institutions, I majored in Business Japanese. Many of my classmates have started

英语自我介绍的演讲稿 Good morning everyone! I am LinBo,from Putian. We have known each other for some time, I' m very pleased to make frieds with every boy and girl.I also like singing but traveling is my favorite, I have been to many interesting

Good afternoon: Honorable judges,dear teachers and close friends.I'm very glad to stand here to share my speech with you.Today I'm going to talk about dreams. Everyone has a dream. Martin Luther King had a dream-and we can all recall his

自我介绍,信息:姓名,年龄:12 喜欢:秋天 爱好:英语.这篇稿子的主要内容是,我喜欢热爱英语.但只根据我写的信息写自我介绍.不要太难!按小学6年级的水平写 hello ,everyone .my name is wangyongjie .i am now twelve years old .i am a

Good morning (afternoon), teachers and classmates (school mates). My name is Chen Tao. I am 11 years old, good at English (maths) and computer games as well. I love my family and my school . I am eager to make great achievements with my

Hi, everyone.I'm glad to be here to introduction(介绍) myself.My name is XXX(姓名).I'm XX(年龄) years old.My favorites hobby is ..(简单谈谈自己的兴趣,按时间添加,我估计一个就好,例如:playing basketball(打篮球)).It so nice to be friends with you.I hope we can have a good time.演讲结束语(一定要):That's all(就这么多).Thank you.

Hello, everybody! I am very glad to make a speech here. I am a middle student from No. 1 Middle School. I am good at history and physics. I have many hobbies such as playing basketball, collecting stamps ,watching opera and so on . I also like

Hello, my name is XXX, I top so-and-so level grade, and I like to eat apples, don't like bananas. I like winter because winter can snowball fights and make a snowman.

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