Butterfly is a beautiful animal. It just likes a flower. Butterflies' baby is ugly. Everyone hate them. They eat leaves. But whenthey grow up. Thet will beautiful. Do you like them? When everyone hate them. They never cry.

butterfly, commonly known as "butterfly", the whole world there are about 14,000 species, most of which lies in the americas, particularly in the amazon most varieties in the world in addition to other regions outside the polar cold zone, are



One of the great modern science stories is the so-called "Butterfly Effect". It suggests that the weather is so sensitive to tiny changes, that something as microscopic as a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas. It's a

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就是中文和英文都有的介绍.. 很急啊谢谢啦..! Butterfly, 蝶,通称为“蝴蝶”,全世界大约有14000余种,大部分分布在美洲,尤其在


Butterflies float in the air,Making their homes most anywhere:The rainforest, field, and prairie land,On mountaintops, and desert sand.

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