I have a beautiful bag.It's pink. A lot of things are in my bag.There are some books, crayons, and a pencil-case. There is a ruler, an eraser and four pens in the pencil-case . I like my bag.

let me tell you about my bag,there are many things in my bag.such as many books and pencilcase.there is a pen and a pencil in my pencilcase.ok,that's all.

My bag has什么什么就是这样望采纳,谢谢

MY backpack I have a packpack.It's beautiful.And there are many things in it.For example,there is a pencil box ,it's blue.There are three pens in it.They are red,yellow and green. As a birthday gift,I was given a black note book..It ;s useful for me.I

My schoolbag is really heavy. There are a lot of things in it. My pencil-box, books, and notebooks. I forgot to take my homework with me. It is not in my schoolbag. I'm really sad.

my backpack i have a packpack.it's beautiful.and there are many things in it.for example,there is a pencil box ,it's blue.there are three pens in it.they are red,yellow and green. as a birthday gift,i was given a black note book..it ;s useful for me.i always

I have a good friend. Her name is school bag. She is a very beautiful girl. Look! there is a picture on her face. It's a picture of a lovely girl. She wears a red coat. there are some books, some copybooks and a pencil case in her stomach. From

There are a lot of books in my schoolbag.And there is a pencil box in it too.Because I would be thirsty sometimes, So I put a bottle of water in it.我书包里面有很多书.里面也有一个铅笔盒.因为有时会渴,所以我也放了一瓶水.

bag 可以自己补充!

Hello everybody,today I will show you my schoolbag.First, my bag is blue, and it's a rabbit in the bag. Next, my bag has many things.

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