1.第1题 单选题 She is a talented musicians _______ a photographer. A、but also B、as well as C、but D、and so as 2.第2题 单选题 If you're late again you'll be _______ from your job. A、missed B、disappeared C、dismissed D、

1-5AACAB 6-10CCCBC 11-15CCABC 16-20ADDCB

1.I ___new clothes very much.A.have B.like C.want to D.need2.These clothes___very colorful.A.is B.have C.are D.has3.He likes football very ___.A.good B.fine C.well D.much4.His ___is under the bed.A.CD


1 D 任何一个药店2 C be aware of sth the place (that) 后面是定语从句3 B 避免4 D 增进了解5 A 足够聪明

初 一 英 语 选择题 1.What's the time? Sorry, I _____ have a watch. A.can't B.am not C.doesn't D.don't 2.How is your mother? ______. A.She is at school B.She's forty. C.She is OK D.She's a teacher 3.What's this in English? It's ______ apple. A.the

1、C 2、B 3 、to 4 、D 5、A 6、B 7、A 8、C 9、A


初二英语测试题Ⅰ.选出划线部分读音与其他三项不同的一项(5分)1.A.climb B.October C.better D.boat2.A.September B.twelfth C.bell D.help3.A.usually B.few C.busy D.duty4.A.moonc

①.I haven't read ____ of his boooks, but judging from the one I have read I think he's a very promising writer.A.any B.both C.none D.either②.What have they said about the project at the meeting ____ you so angry , may I ask?A.to make B.makes

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