chose the fourth one:In our school, all the clubs and societies are trying their best to attract new guys. Do you want to take part in one of them and why? I want to be one of them. Firstly, because t

Unit1. AS An overseas sales representative of your company, you are required to do a market research. What will you do first? Unit2. You are a clerk in the Marketing Department in an electrical appliance company. When a customer visits your

.What social problems are there in China?Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention,And now let's talk about it.First and

1 culture at first , culture is the combination of ideas and behavior .in my opinion,a culture is definately related to its social environment.so people from different countries speak different language ,keep different value system,and have different way of

1 )talk about a film Brave Heart is part of a historical film, part of a hero legend, part of romantic and part of nationalistic. It is about the story of William Wallace, a poor but free Scottish man, in 1280 AD. The sons and daughters of Scotland suffer lot

回答完毕,That's all, thank you./ This is my answer, thank you for your attention 连接词 moreover while however meanwhile nevertheless然而 if so如果这样的话 only if只有这样 not only……but also不但……而且 从上图可知 很明显的我们知道 from the picture, we can easily get/reach the conclusion that 或,we can see that..或we can apparently get to know that

我这里有些topic口头作文的段子:(可以看看) My school My school is in the east end of the city. It takes me half an hour to get to school on foot. I usually ride a bike to school.There are over one hundred and fifty teachers and about two thousand

Reporter1:Allison.Student1:Benny.Allison:Well here I am at the Brooklyn Academy of Dramatic Arts.We are asking different students here about their favourite forms of artistic entertainment.Pop or clas


给你点TIPS吧Many people are fighting for high salary but at the same time they sacrifice their health and I don't think it's worthy. They put themselves under high stress and

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