感谢信 Dear Mr. Liu, 亲爱的刘先生, Thank you for purchasing our Moon Series computers. 谢谢你购买我们的卫星系列电脑. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced business machines and hope that our products are meeting

Mr.Smithde I am li ping.Thank you for donating me some books ang money.I has made a lot of progress by my teacher help.My teachers says you did a great job.My parents also think i am very good.They want me to get better results.And i decide to

Dear Jane, i'm home.this journey was very successful.Cau's you and your husband helped me a lot. i didnt have o worry about what to eat and where to live.you both solved those problems perfectly.i'm really appriciate it.you know, i was there for the

Dear sir : I am very glad that you are my teacher,You are one of the best teachers who I know .there are many good points what we should learn from you,such as kindness,patience,humor and so on.please forgive me that I had made so many

Parents, Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for the upbringing of my ex. In my life on the road, you have given me in every possible way of an enhanced level of care and concern! I will take away my life on the road, I will repay you well! Thank you again! I love you! Your Baby

Teacher I thank you very much. Industriousness thanking to me pays. That my academic record has not stabilized till now , you always persist in taking lessons in after school homework for me, has made my achievement have very big rise, and uses

Dear xiaoming, I am writing to express my apreciation to you for your generous help of offering me accommodation during Olympic Games. When I ask for help to you that I was giong to beijing for watching Olympic Games that hold in beijing,but I

dear xxx:How is everything going? it has been a long time since you invited me to your party. I was very honored to have the chance to join you. As a marrer of fact,I had a good time during the party.what's more,I made some new friends there.The

dear ……, thank you for ……正文 再来一句thank you. yours/your ^^^^ 名字 dear kate, thank you for your party.i was very happy in your birthday party on saturday morning.because we sang songs and danced,and i had some new friends in your party.i feel fun now.thanks for you. your new friend jsck很实用的.

祝您生活愉快,望采纳.下面是一封感谢信的模板仅供大家参考.dear______,i am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for ______.if it had not been for your assistance in giving me aid and ______, i fear that ______. /without your help,

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