A:Hello,John!What were you doing at Chemistry class earlier?You didn't look at the teacher the whole time!B:I have something cool.Look,this is my new 3G mobile phone.I just

1.A:I am so happy that you are able to have a month holiday!In this case,we will be always the joker among us.Wihtout him,there will be less fun in the party.如果你觉得对话不

A: What did you do today? (你今天干嘛了?) B: I went shopping at the mall. (我去购物中心逛街了) A: What did you buy? (那你买了什么?) B: I wanted to buy a dress, but did not. (我原来想买条裙子的,可结果没买.) A: Why? (为什

给你三篇,你自己选一篇吧一A: Are you crazy about sports? B: Certainly, I am a but I don't want to sit in front of a computer screen all day. I think people need to get out

原发布者:HEHEHE和77 Entertainment A:Hi,long time no see! How are you recently? B:I am fine .how about you? A: Everything is OK.What are you doing in your sparetime? B:I like listening music,watching TV and shopping with my good friends.

经典对话一: 男:Can I buy you a drink?(我可以为你买一杯饮料吗?) 女:Actually I'd rather have the money.(不必,我我宁愿留下那些钱.) 经典对话二: 男:Can I have your name?(直译:我能有你的名字吗?) 女:Why? Don't

Hi Marry ,Where will you go?_ I will go the gym to play basketball-You always play basketball,Do you like it very much?_Yes,I like it very much.

A:what's the matter with you 你怎么了?B:My cat is missing.我的猫不见了.A:Oh,I thought you fell your souls!喔,我还以为你掉了魂了!B:My soul went with the cat away.我的魂跟着猫走了 A:Oh,My god.噢,上帝!

原发布者:cxw0719 初次见面简单英语情景对话 初次见面的老外跟你说了句"Howdoyoudo",估计多数人都会美滋滋地搬出学校教的那套,回敬一句"Howdoyoudo".可英美人士却觉得你的回答有点买帽子当鞋穿--不对头.因为他们会觉得

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