Dear Jerry:Hello! My best friend, we have not seen for a few weeks. A few days ago, I held a party in my house. There were a lot of friends coming to the party. We played games, sang popular songs and had a big meal. But I felt unhappy during the

Dear Mr. Green I am truly sorry that I can't have a business talk with you this afternoon The reason is that this morning my manager asked me to go to Shenzhen on business and I won't return until next week. Once again, I am sorry for any

Dear,I'm writing this letter to apologize to you for the mistake that i have done yesterday. I have acknowledged that my fault has brought you great trouble and unconviniences. I hereby express my deep sorrow for this matter and we are going to do our

I have a friend, her name is Lucy, I knew her when I was 4, she is my best friend. Sometimes we will argue for something, none of us want to say sorry, then we will not talk to

Dear Teacher,I am sorry that I fail to submit my homework on time, because I forgot the deadline of it/ I left it at home./ I was sick/ I have a family emergency (my mom is sick). I would like to offer my heart-felt apologies for breaking your rule on

Dear , I'am so sorry for not attending your English classes last week.I should have come,but I have to participate in the debate competition on behalf of the school .pleas forgive my absence.I hope that everything's all right. yours,

Li hua and xiao Ming are good friends, a day li hua will be late for school, he in xiao Ming, without knowing the xiao Ming bike ride to school, and later, in the school bicycle was stolen, authorities feel very ashamed, embarrassed speak face to face

亲爱的史密斯: 我真的很抱歉星期天下午和你的约会,但是我老板临时叫我去北京开会,直到星期一才回来.请您愿谅,作为补偿这个周末的时间一起吃午饭好吗?我希望我们会有一个美好的时光在这个周末. 真的很感激您的到来.谢谢! 问

dear XXX,I'm terribly sorry that I didn't attend your party which I had promised already.I really wanted to go.How is everything going?I'm sure that the party was exciting

英语道歉信范文及常用句式 道歉信是指因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对 方赔礼道歉时写的信件.道歉是一种礼貌,道歉信要写得坦率,诚恳.道歉信通常包括三部分内容:1、表示歉意,道歉的原由;

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