解析如下: I want to be a doctor.This is my dream.Why do I want to be a doctor?This is because my father.My father is a busy man who is working in a hosiptal,and he is 40 years old now.My good father is a professional doctor who...

我想成为这样的人我想要成为一名校长,为我的孩子们做一些事情…… 我要是校长,我上任的头一件事就是改改咱们学校的校服。我要重新为我的学生们量身订做一款更能体现出学生们青春朝气、精神面貌的校服。相信只要我的学生们穿上我为他们订做的校服...

When I grow up… When I grow up, I want to be an engineer. I want to build a big house and a small house for my father and mother. We will live together. There will be a garden and playground in front of the house. We will grow ...

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