樱桃[简明汉英词典] [yīngtáo] 1. cherry

cherry 读音:英 [teri] 美 [tri] n.樱桃

cherry英 [teri] n.樱桃;樱桃树;

cherry ['teri] 基本上是读:缺瑞

Cherrycherryn.樱桃; 樱桃树; 樱桃色; 处女膜复数: cherries 短句:1、a bite at the cherry 尝试;机会2、a bowl of cherries 美事;乐事3、the cherry on the cake 蛋糕上的樱桃;锦上添花之物例句:1、The cherry blossom came out early in

cherry 樱桃 音译 车厘子

cherry樱桃 cherish珍惜

We quickened our steps.Little by little,the gossamer like pink "clouds" grew bigger and bigger and at last seemed to occupy the blue sky when we were just standing under the cherry,on a small slope.Beneath my feet,the soil was covered by fallen

樱桃 Cherry;cerise;cherries 珍惜 珍惜 [zhēn xī] cherish treasure value

樱桃cherryprunus pseudocerasus例句:1.樱桃的颜色由近乎黑到黄各不相同.Cherries vary in colour from almost black to yellow.2.丹尼斯:我总是吃苹果和樱桃.Dennis: I always eat apple and cherry.3.樱桃的颜色由近乎黑到黄各不相同.Cherries vary in colour from almost black to yellow.

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