I usually get up at 6 o'clock and put on my cloth.

你好,强调穿的动作则为:put on the clothes意思为穿上衣服,如果是过程则为:wear the clothes.满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:穿衣服 put on get dressed

1 你觉得我穿哪一件衣服 比较好看?2 你认为我应该穿哪件衣服 出席宴会合适呢?3 这件衣服很适合你,就买这件好了4 这件衣服不适合你,你可以看看另一件5 如果喜欢 ,可以穿上试试1. which cloth do you think looks better on me?2. which colth is proper to attend the dinner party?3. This cloth is not suit you, you may try another one.4. If you like you could try it on.请采纳,祝好!

“穿衣”用英语的几种表达 一、从所接宾语来看 dress 要接“人”作宾语(不接“衣”作宾语),而其余的则要接“衣”作宾语(而不接“人”作宾语). She dressed the baby. 她给婴儿穿衣服. She was wearing her mother's coat. 她穿她母

表示穿衣服的用法短语类:1.put on one's clothes 穿上衣服2.wear layers of clothes 穿着几层衣服3.try on clothes 试穿衣服4.take clothes out of the wardrobe 从衣柜里拿衣服5.put one's clothes on backwards 把衣服前后穿反6.take off one's clothes

Your dress is absolutely adorable.你的衣服太漂亮了1.clothes 衣服,服装 2.wardrobe 服装 3.clothing 服装 4.habit 个人依习惯.身份而着的服装 5.ready-made clothes,ready-to-wear clothes 成衣 6.garments 外衣 7.town clothes 外衣 8.double-breasted

I get dressed quickly every morning.每天早晨我很快就穿好衣服He get angry with me for not have write.他因我不给他写信对我生气.She'll need luck to get out of a tight corner

Give me half an hour to get dressed.

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