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===============================英语小笑话 = English Quick Joke===============================小笑话是短的笑话,很快便可以看完,所以洋人称它为“快”的笑话……Quick Joke例子:Daily Quick Joke(每日小笑话) http://www.funs.co.uk/dailyq/archives.html

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Dad: Tom, please tell me, which month has 28 days?Tom: Every month.爸爸:告诉我汤姆,哪个月有28天呢?汤姆:每个月都有啊!望楼主采纳

写英语笑话啊 那要看你写给的对象 你要是写给中国人看 那就按照中国人的幽默水准去写 要是给英语国家的人看那就按照他们的幽默标准去写 当然了 前提是你自己一定要有一定的幽默细胞 不管是哪个国家的人 冷笑话有时候不是那么受欢迎的

Feel Unhappy.心里难受 Son: Is it wrong to give anyone mental or physical hurt when he felt unhappy? Father: Of cause, it is. Son: Fine, now I am feeling so bad. I lost in two subjects this time. Father(angrily): What? You------ 儿子:是不是当心里难受

A Chinese student fell off steep cliff. A person passed by and asked him, "how are you?" The student answered immediately, "I am fine, thank you." Then the person left.

Teacher: Tom, why are you late for school every day? Tom: Every time I come to the corner, a sign says, "School-Go Slow". 老师:汤姆,您为什么每天上学迟到? 汤姆:我每次路过拐角,一个路标上面写着:"学校----慢行." Mother: Why are

Dusk, I jog in the road industry. Have a young man ran up from behind me, in my ear hastily cried: "Run!" "What happened?" I ask young people around him. "Ran quickly." Young people go in front of me. My rapid recovery of the 500 meters

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