let's play sports!it is the time to walk out of classroom and do some sport! for your health, fun, and great time together.the sports club has arranged the some games for you, please come and join us, and for the prize we have prepared for you.the

Sports club wantedHello! we need a PE. teacher,Can you play basketball ?Can you play volleyball?and can you good with child? If you can,,join us Please call me at.Thank you

We want a PE teacher for the School PE Club.He must be friendly to all the students.He can dance,swim,play football,play basketball and play table tennis. He is able to give lessons to the students in the evening. 打得好累,希望能被采纳,谢谢你了啦

In education, teachers facilitate student learning, often in a school or academy. The objective is typically a course of study, lesson plan, or a practical skill, including learning and thinking skills. The different ways to teach are often referred to as the

We have a good English teacher whose name is Bruce. He comes from Britain and he is about forty years old. He is a tall and thin person, wearing a pair of glasses which makes him more like a gentleman. He is strict with us. He often makes full

Do you like people ?Can you friendly to people?Can you play sports? like,football,soccer,ping-pong, basketball,bassball,and swimming. can you running well? can you play with peopl e. can you become people's good friends.Then you can become a P.E'teacher. You can call Tom at 2655--35667

您好:Last week we had the school sports meet on our school sports ground. All my classmates took active parts in it. Sometimes we watched the sports games closely.Sometimes we gave loud cheers to the sports members.John took a part in

We are looking for a PE teacher to work in our new sports club, which is just founded lately in our school. As we have playground for and thus want to give training courses in

学校体育俱乐部招体育老师 The school sports club recruit sports teacher 学校体育俱乐部招体育老师 The school sports club recruit sports teacher

Recruitment notice(招聘启事)The school is looking for a sports teacher, requirements are as follows(本校想要招聘一位体育老师,要求如下)First, speak English(第一

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