1.(遗失) lose: 我丢掉了一支笔. I've lost my pen.2.(抛弃) throw away; cast away; discard: 丢掉错误观点 discard mistaken views; 丢掉坏习惯 drop a bad habit; 丢掉幻想 cast away illusion3.(丧失) lose: 由于这次争端, 他的工作丢掉了. He lost his job as a result of the dispute.

The lost love望采纳,谢谢

「失去」的英语单词 动词lose 失去, 输, 丢失, 丧失, 损失, 失 名词missing 失去, 想念

One day an old lady lost her wallet on the road. When she was looking for her wallet, a girl came up to her and asked about her. The girl was told that there a large quantity of cash and her ID card. The girl smiled to her and took out an old wallet. The

Lost Revelation Because I accidentally, lost in the reading this morning listening to a portable,'ve found, please send the information department office, notify the owner of lost property in person or by telephone to pick up, greatly appreciated.

(招领)Found A red coat Please call the lost and found . Tel:123456(遗失)Lost My school student card My name is Rick.Please call 003654.Thank you!

Dear Madam,I'm Li Hua. I took the flight CK789 on June 13, 2011. But when I came to my home, I found I lost a suicase. I am writing to you to request you to help me find it back.My suitcase is a small blue one with a zip. There is a lable on the

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