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以 结束英语怎么说

end up with 以……结束(望采纳)

The party was ended with a song.

finish; closure; foreclosure; end; terminate; conclude; wind up; close; come to an end; come to a close; put an end to; abolish; bring sth. to a close; draw to a close; make an end of sth.; bring (the matter) to an early conclusion; in conclusion; come to

finishvt. 完成;结束;用完vi. 结束,终止;完成;终结n. 结束;完美;完成;磨光overadv. 结束;越过;从头到尾prep. 在…之上;越过;遍于…之上adj. 上面的;结束的vt. 越过endn. 结束;末端;目标;死亡;尽头vi. 结束,终止;终结vt. 结束

结束 [jié shù] 1. termination 2. to finish 3. to end 4. to conclude 5. to close

endup结束;break up 破碎;结束;(士气)衰弱;(关系)破裂 put an end to 结束 come to an end结束 全部结束:(be) all over

end up with sth./sb..以某人/某事结束 end up with 结束;以…而结束;以…告终 例句与用法1.start with the aim of doing harm to others only to end up with ruining oneself 以损人开始,以害己告终2.At the dinner we usually begin with soup

end finish conclude wind up close be over the end就是结束了,一般用在文学作品中,相当于咱们中文的(完)



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