引起 基本翻译 arouse cause give rise to lead to stir up 网络释义 引起:cause | induce | give rise to

for 英[f(r)] 美[fr,f] prep. 为,为了; 倾向于; 关于; 当作; conj. 因为,由于; [例句]Isn't that enough for you?那对你来说不够吗?as 英[z] 美[z,z] adv. 同样地,一样地; 例如; prep. 作为,以…的身份; 如同; conj. 由于; 像,像…一样; 同时,当…时; 尽管; [例句]Another policeman has been injured as fighting continued this morning 今早又有一名警员在冲突中受伤.

because of

due to be caused by.for.表原因 result in

1. result in without result 徒劳,毫无结果result in 结果为;终于;终归;导致;引起result from 造成……的结果 2. lead to 高二英语Unit 4 The Garden of Poems11.lead to 通到,导致This road leads to this small village. 3. bring about 7.

导致 :译:result in/lead to/bring about/generate/give rise to/cause 例句:1.心力衰竭导致她父亲的死亡.Heart failure led to her father's death. 2.两国间的摩擦终于导致了一场战争.The conflict between the two countries finally caused a war. 3.

“引发”用英语怎么说cause英 [k:z] 美 [kz] n.原因;事业;动机;理由vt.引起;导致;成为…的原因;使遭受词汇难度:高考 / CET4 / 考研 / TOEFLSmoking is the biggest preventable cause of death and disease 在可以预防的引发死亡和疾病的因素当中,吸烟排在第一位.

导致的英文是lead to.词汇分析 音标:[li:d tu] 释义:导致;通向;引起;通往 短语 lead in to 引入到 ; 引入 lead somebody to victory 带领大家走向胜利 lead somebody to do 导致…做 lead up to convention 导致开会 Lead Many To

be caused by被..引起This accident is caused by fire.这起事故是被火引起的.

引起注意 用英语表达 有以下几种译法:1、attracting attention 双语例句:My companion suggested that we park out of sight of passing traffic to avoid attracting attention.我的同伴建议我们将车停在过往车辆看不见的地方,以免引起注意.2、come into notice 双语例句:LOT of things come into notice by means of the media.很多东西都是藉由传播媒体而引起注意的.

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