遵守交通规则 Observe the traffic rules

Obey the traffic rules遵守(Obey) 交通规则(the traffic rules)

Traffic safety is everybody's business.we cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of traffic safety. Only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody's business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalks.

Traffic Safety (交通安全) Traffic safety is everybody's business. Records show that every year a lot of people die in traffic accidents. Some of the accidents are due to mechanical problems. However, most of them are the results of careless and

Obey the traffic rules, travel on safe and civilized.或Follow the traffic rules, travel be safe and civilized.

每个司机都应该遵守交通规则 every driver should obey the traffic rules.

遵守交通规则observe the traffic rules

In order to keep the road orderly and people safe, everyone should follow traffic rules.为了保持交通秩序和人们的安全,人人都应该遵守交通规则.The walkers should look carefully both left and right when they are crossin

obey traffic rules

Obeying the Traffic Laws I am often very afraid to cross-large wide streets. I always go to the traffic light and use the crosswalk, but many times I have been frightened. When the light changes to green I still need to look both directions to check the

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