october 4th

I am in Grade Six.I usually go to from Monday to Friday.I often get up at half past six in the morning.I have breakfast at a quarter to seven.I usually go to school on foot.Sometime ,I go to school by bike. My home is not far from school,so every day I go

春节 Spring Festival 中秋节 mid-autumn festival 重阳节 the double ninth festival 劳动节 international labor day 国庆节 National Day 感恩节 Thanksgiving Day 圣诞节 Christmas Day 儿童节 Children's Day 父亲节 father's day 母亲节 Mother's Day 建军节 Army Day 情人节 Saint Valentine's Day 七夕节 Tanabata festival

2018年4月10日 Apr.the tenth, 2018

april 10th,2000念做: april tenth, two thousand

11 o'clock,Monday,4th October

My birthday is on October 4th.

白色 white 红色 red 黑色 black 黄色 yellow 绿色 green 灰色 grey 紫色 purple 粉色 pink 橙色 orange 春节 Spring Festival(Lunar New Year) 中秋节 Mid-Autumn Day

春节-Spring Festival 清明节-Tomb-Sweeping Day 国庆节-National Day

"(World Animal Day) - the world celebrated the festival of human friends, from the 19th century Italian monk Francis Kennedy's initiative. Assisi his long life in the forest on the island, love animals and animals and established a" Brothers and

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