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l open my eyes歌词

歌名:《The Saltwater Room》 歌曲原唱:Owl City,Breanne Düren 填词:Adam Young 谱曲:Adam Young 编曲:Adam Young 歌词:I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light 昨夜睁开双眼,你躲在昏黄的夜 Walking down by the

歌词“"you open my eyes and i'm needy to go”出自歌曲《e.t.》.歌名:e.t.歌手:katy perry 专辑:teenage dream 发行时间:2010年8月 歌词:i got a dirty mind i got filthy ways i'm tryna bathe my eyy in your milky way i'm a legend i'm

歌曲名:Open My Eyes 歌手:David Davidson 专辑:Prelude To Joy Open My Eyes The Rasmus Hide From The Sun Open My Eyes Fear is like a tree That grows inside of me silently And you could be my blood And be a part of me secretly I've

歌曲:open my eyes 歌手:soldiers of jah army 专辑:get wiser 歌曲:Untitled 歌手:Simple Plan 专辑:《Still Not Getting Any》 不知道是不是,我个人蛮喜欢下面那首歌的

我知道一首《the saltwater room》owl city 开头就是i open my eyes 但是好像有些不一样……是一男一女的……

歌名:The Saltwater Room 歌手:Owl City

歌曲:lullaby for a sleepy gi 歌手:1140 missis 专辑:《what do you think o》 now my baby when i wake beside you when you open your eyes

Lovi Poe的I Never Knew Love 下载地址: http://erosrecords.com/mp3s/i_never_knew_love.mp3 I open my eyes, only to see Just how sad this world could be That I often cry alone… ohh I look at the sky, longing to see There's a chance out there

可能是just a dearm 如果是 推荐jason chen版的

the saltwater room 就是这个了 绝对没错

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