长城的英语作文The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes coming

I visited The Great Wall last week.And I look forward to visiting The Great Wall for a long time.So I felt excited!And we got to Beijing early.I couldn't fall asleep.The day was sunny,and the weather was great.I couldn't help jumping and downing.I spent

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world.It is about 4000 miles long.The ancient Chinese began to build some walls around 600B.C.The first emperor,Qin Shihuang,joined the old walls together.From then on,people

A Chinese saying goes like that, "you are not a real hero until you have climbed the Great Wall". The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was enlisted in

The Great Wall The Great Wall runs across North China like a huge dragon, It winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea. It's the longest wall on the earth, also one of the wonders in the

the great wall the great wall was first built in ancient china. it is not only a wall, but it is also a tourist resort. the greatest part of the great wall is in beijing. it is called "badaling". it is 7.8 metres high on an average. and it is 6.6 metres wide at the

As we all know, the Great Wall is a great building, I am proud of the Great Wall.众所周知,长城是个奇迹,我为它感到自豪!First, the Great Wall two thousand years of history; It is located in northern China. East from Shanhaiguan, west to

The north side of the Great Wall in Beijing, is one of the wonders of the world, has a history of two thousand years. Every day to see lots of people, people can not only understand Chinese culture, still can enjoy the happiness of the race.望采纳

篇一:The Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall was renovated from time to time after the Qin Dynasty. A major renovation started with the founding of the Ming Dynasty in 1368, and took 200 years to complete. The wall we see today is almost exactly

The Great Wall of China is one of the seven greatest man-built wonder of the world. Having heard and read about the Great Wall, I went to the great wall myself to have a good look. When I rach the Great Wall. I climbed the stairs and went to the

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