八年级册1-7单元 一、 have fun doing sth. 【句型介绍】 意为\"做某事有乐趣\",其中have fun 相当于enjoy oneself,表示过得愉快. 八年级册1-7单元重点知识回顾 作者:高德胜 1. 英语中的集体名词,如family, class, team等作主语时,若作为

hardly ever 几乎不,制从来不 on weekends在周末 how often 多久一次 how long多长时间 how soon 还要多久时间 three or four times 三四次 want to do sth想要做某事 be good for 对.百..有益 try to do sth.--------try not to do sth.the same as和相同 kind of有点,有度几分 这些是第一单元的短语,自己总结一下,记忆更深刻,加油.

是要总的头构成的短语、词组很多.复习时应分类处理: 一、动词+介词 1.look at…看…, look like … 看上去像……, look after …照料… 2.listen to…听…… 3.welcome to…欢

*新目标英语八年级下学期重点短语与句型 unit 1 to 5(2009-04-20 14:02:06)4Unit 1 Will people have robots?1.There will be sth.= There is /are going to be sth. 将有…..2.be free 空闲的3.on computer 在电脑上4.live to be + 岁数 活到…5.fewer +可数

1、 Feel well/bad 2、 Wake up (somebody)fall asleep 3、 As soon as 4、 Be busy doing/with something 5、 Stop doing/to do/somebody from doing 6、 Go down 7、 Have something to do 8、 Sleeping pills 9、 Be awakebe asleep 10、

1.What about sth./doing sth.? 表示"某物怎么样?/干某事怎么样?"What about…=How about…?about后面若跟动词,必须跟doing形式.如:What about playing football together? 或How about playing football together? 一起踢足球怎么样?

内容太多了.(临近期末,时间紧迫)先给你一部分.1.Why don't you +动原?2.How about +名/动名词?3.What else? else放在不定代词的后面.4.enjoy/finish +名/动名/代5.make sb.+形容词 (使得某人做某事)6.practise +动名7.It is +形

新目标英语八年级上笔记 Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率. 2. Talk about your health. Make suggestions. 谈论健康话题以及提出建议. 3. Talk about future plans. 谈论未来

呵呵 希望对你有所帮助 祝楼主进步哈 Unit 1 How often do you exercise?Grammar: 特殊疑问句:wh-questions: what, who, where, when, which, whose, why, whom等.特殊疑问句的构成及用法:结构:特殊疑问词+ 一般疑问句, 即:特殊疑问词

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