饮食习惯 世界各地的人都有不同的饮食习惯. 在北美,澳洲和欧洲,每一餐都有两样或者更多的菜并且人们用餐刀和餐叉食用. 在中国的南部,人们大多吃米饭,北方人通常吃面条.在内陆和西部,人们离海洋很远,所以他们很少吃鱼.但是所有的中国人都用筷子吃饭. 在印度的某些部分,人们用他们的手指和面包来夹起食物. 在朝鲜,人们用勺子或筷子吃饭,但两者齐用是不礼貌的.

记忆 我知道我们都有短期记忆和长期记忆.当我们变老的时,我们的短期记忆会变得更差,但我们还可以记得一段很长时间之前的一些事情.我的祖父告诉我一个笑话,他说:“当你这老的时候三种东西会开始变差,第一,你会丢失一些记忆,

为什么你不学习唱英文歌? 中国将举办2008年奥林匹克运动会,所以许多人希望通过不同的方式学习英语.比如,一个24岁的年轻歌手,是通过参加比赛,唱流行的英文歌曲.在台上,几乎所有的歌手都唱的很清楚,并且看上去非常有自信.

Sunday, March 28nd Sunny 星期日,三月二十二日 晴 It was a fine day today. 今天是个好天气.Darren, Kangkang and I got up early in the morning. 达伦,康康和我一大早就起床了.Then we rode to the Ming Tombs after we checked our bikes

David Beckham,a famous soccer star,arrived in beijing with his teammates yesterday,The team will play against China's national tesm. The fans are very excited. It's too bad that they aren't going to stay in beijing for long. they are leaving for japan the day after tomorrow.

How to Stay in Good Spirits Many things around us may affect our feelings and moods,such as colors,weather,news and the environment.It is very important for us to be in good spirits.We can study or work better.So we must learn to take care of

Healthy eating is important for us.What and how should we eat to be healthy?First,we need to have enough food,never too much or too little.The food must be clean and we should cook it properly.Second,

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