consider a distance education program应该是个祈使句,后面一长串都是一个定语从句修饰distance education program 的

引导的应该是名词性从句,what相当于the ability that,it是要被删。 应该是university known 省略了which is, university后面的部分一直到you can plan your holiday之前都是university的定语。

简化结构为: While....., taking drugs has been suggested to sb. while从句分析: 简化结构为: while the effect has not been tested cows milk harvested at different times 做了milk的定语 后面的 who .... 是suggested to的宾语从句

这句句子可以删减成 a scared place of peace is a distinctly human need . however crude it may be是状语,让步状语。 as opposed to shelter中 as opposed to是固定搭配 which 引导非限定 修饰shelter. 整句话意思是 一个安静到有些吓人的地...

主语 the changes。 he made to the old theory。定语修饰changes。 are 系动词。 revolutianary。表语。 主体是主系表结构。 the changes are revolutianary。

主语是women,谓语是系动词are,表语是susceptible,to developing...to stress这一串是表语补足语。 be susceptible to sth/doing sth : 容易受...影响 全句译为:相比男性,女性在应对压力时尤其容易产生抑郁和焦虑等失调。

An important step in becoming an effective flatterer is to understand why flattery helps you establish better relationships with others. (1) 前置定语:An important (一个很重要的) (2)主语:step (步骤) (3)后置定语:in becoming...

Which引导的是非限制性定语从句,主句即为该句,will comply主语为上一句的it. 望采纳,谢谢

Enhanced security measures since then, combined with a rise in airline travel due to the improving economy and low oil prices, have resulted in long waits at major airports such as Chicago's O'Hare International. 主语 security ...

主语:I 谓语:become aware of 宾语:how little two words in my vocabulary have had a tremendous impact on people. become aware of后接名词或名词性从句,表示“意识到什么” have recently become现在完成时,recently时间副词 in my voca...

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