用Shall we?在表示建议或征求对方意见时,可用以Shall开头的一般疑问句.其肯定回答一般可用:All right, OK, Good idea等. 用Let's?表示“让我们”(包括双方在

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Unit 1 Section A P.52b Read Jane's diary entries about her vacation and answer the questions.Did Jane have a good time on Monday? What about on Tuesday?Monday,July 15th I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was

外研社初二上册 module5 unit1 you like western classical music, don't you?Tony: I like this music! Who' it by?Lingling: well, I'm not sure, but Sally's school orchestra is playing it.Betty: It's by Strauss. You've heard of him, haven't you?

笔试部分(共80分) I. 语音与词汇.(20分) A)判断下列每组单词划线部分有几种读音.(10分) A. 一种读音 B. 两种读音 C. 三种读音 D. 四种读音 1. heal great idea bread 2. nobody honey police joke 3. night l

[人教版]新目标英语八年级上册知识要点Unit 1 How often do you exercise?重点语法:频率副词 询问别人做某事的频繁程度 提问用 How often 引导特殊疑问句 回答用 always, sometimes, twice a day 等频率副词.例句:A: How often do you watch

1. go to the movies 去看电影 2. look after=take care of 照顾3. surf the internet 上网 4. healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式5. go skateboarding 去滑板 6. keep healthy=stay healthy 保持健康7. exercise=take (much) exercise=do sports锻炼 8. eating habits

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