第一单元标准测试 I、根据句子意思用适当的单词填空(5分) 1、Is there a bank here ? 2. My mobile phone is broken. Where's a ,please? 3. Let's go to the to buy some food. 4、 The pay phone is in the middle, the hotel and the shop. 5、

第一句对 主语不是others而是practicing conversations with others 所以用helps

写出下面大写字母的小写字母A N K L P J G H答案a n k l p j g h

一、根据句意完成单词1. Is your uncle a Shandong University g_______?2. This is my o_____ book, not yours.3. She works as a v_______ for Green Peace.4. The girl has two b_____ eyes and a round face.5. F_____ Number 152 to Beijing is

1.D hurry为动词.前面不能加be动词2.D3.C4.D have sth. done 使某物做.5.C6.A7.B the whole afternoon 一段时间8.A can 后加动词原型9.A10.B11.A another没有前提12.C13.C 可写成陈述句

I used to stay up,but now I am used to going to bed and getting up early.改错1.happily 改成happy2.isn`t 改成is3.sometime改成some time4.swim 改成swimmers5.will say改成says6.borrow改成keep7.will not改成

Part 1 Listening(听力部分) 30% 一.Listen and choose听录音,选出你所听到的单词)6% ( ) 1.A.work B.walk C.worker ( ) 2.A.go B.girl C.goal ( ) 3.A.6:30 B.6:15 C.5:45 ( ) 4.A.there B.their C.they're ( ) 5.A.pair B.pear C.peach ( ) 6.A.to B.two C.

follow; hard; now; interest; just; everyone; other; than; firstly; what How many people do you communicate with in a day? Probably a lot more (56)________ you did ten years ago. (57)______ we ca

1.D主语+would/should love to do sth 是固定用法,代表某人乐意做某事,这是外国人的固定搭配,没有道理可以找.2.Brather than 是一个并列连词,用法比较复杂,现归纳


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