No pains, no gains.吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 A good book is a good friend. 好书如挚友.A good dog deserves a good bone. 有劳得奖. A man knows his companion in a long journey and a little inn. 路遥知马力,日久见人心. A man may dig his

1、When all else is lost the future still remains.就是失去了一切别的,也还有未来. 2、Sow nothing, reap nothing.春不播,秋不收. 3、Keep on going never give up.勇往直前, 决不放弃! 4、The wealth of the mind is the only wealth.精神的财

你好,1.A good beginning is half done(良好的开端是成功的一半)2.one today is worth two tomorrows (一个今天胜似两个明天)

While there is life,there is hope.Where there is a will,there is a way.Since winter comes,can spring be far behind?No pains,no gains.Time and tide,wait for no man.

be all you can be做一切你应该做的,换成我们的话是让你干什么你就干什么

1、While there is life there is hope. 一息若存,希望不灭.2、I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards. ( America)我走得很慢,但是我从来不会后退.(亚伯拉罕.林肯美国)3、Never underestimate your power to change yourself!

no pain, no gain 一分耕耘,一分收获


1、I love it when I catch you looking at me then you smile and look away. 我喜欢这样的时刻:我抓到你正在看我,你笑了,然后害羞地别过脸去. 2、The road of life is like a large river,because of the power of the currents,river courses appear

Where there is a will , there is a way. 有志者,事竟成.Eternity is not a distance but a decision.永远不是一种距离,而是一种决定.Confident and hard-work is the best medicine to kill disease named failure. 自信和勤奋是治疗失败的良药.

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