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非常讨厌的 可怕的英文

very like

awful adj. (esp. spoken) very bad or unpleasant很坏的 极讨厌的 (esp. spoken) used to emphasize sth,especially that there is a large amount or too much of sth.非常的 很多的 过多的 very shocking骇人听闻的 可怕的 [同义词terrible]adv. (infl. esp.


I hate you, just hate

我最讨厌的人:e69da5e887aa62616964757a686964616f31333330333038The person I ever hated the most is called SB. We do not know what he really calls, yet we all call him SB for short and it is a good fucking habbit. We are very happy to

I very hate English!

You are so sick!

你太没有礼貌了,我讨厌你【You are not too polite, and I hate you】我讨厌没有礼貌的人【 I hate people who do not polite】我非常讨厌别人对我无礼貌【I very much dislike other people told me no courtesy】


I very hate,hate everthing here..

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