a: i'm so upset now..b:why? Anything bad happened?a:no,..it's justcollege life is not like what i've pitcured. i con't get used to it. it was so much better in highschool. besides, i'm home sick right now.b:come on. don't think about it that way! college

朋友:A:I had a big argument with david yesterday.I hope he's not still mad at me.B: B:I like people who are open and friendly.Those people are usually more active and fun

A:Hello,John!What were you doing at Chemistry class earlier?You didn't look at the teacher the whole time!B:I have something cool.Look,this is my new 3G mobile phone.I just

How are youGreat thanks, how about youI caught a cold recentlyOH, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you ever been to the hospitalIt's nothing seriousNo no, let's take some medicine, otherwise will be worseThank you for your concern, I will go to buy medicine nowYou're welcome

Oh. Have you finisherd listing your study preferences? 你选完了是吗?BYes, I have. I want to be important and help people.好吧.医生这个职业很重要,不是吗?我是说,

A; Are you enjoying your time at university?B: It's okay, but not as much as I expected.A: Really? Why not?B: I thought that the subjects would be easy, and I would have lots of time to play, but actually I have many assignments.A: What type of

教学: a:! how are you today? b:i m fine! thank you. how are you? a:fine thank you! right! i tnk we should give the student more work to do so they can remember what they did obviously they can get a better results! b:but i tnk you are wrong! becuase

Jo:Hi Jane.Ja:Hi, Joey, how are you? You don't look happy.O: Yeah, you got it. I am under great pressure these days.A: I see. Examinations could be stressful.O: That's right. Last night, I even had a nightware where I failed all the tests. A: In that case,

(A是你,B是外国人) A:Welcome to our hotel. 欢迎光临. A:So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage? 您一共带了4件行李,是不是? B:Let me have a check again. 让我再看一下. A:The Reception Desk is straight ahead. 接待处就在前

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