Change the World,Change Ourselves Good evening, Honorable judges, Ladies and gentlemen.It's my great pleasure to stand here to present my speechChange the World,Change Ourselves It's noticable that western holidays are becoming

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:在行传媒 大学三分钟英语演讲稿大学三分钟英语演讲稿(一)Goodafternoon,ladiesandgentlemen!I'mveryhonoredtostandhereandgiveyouashortspeech!Tobeginwith,Iwanttoaskaquestion.

Keep Your Direction 坚持你的方向 What would you do if you failed? Many people may choose to give up. However, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal.On your way to success, you must keep your direction. It is

篇一:The best placeI've been toI have been to a water conservation science and technology museum!Attack is the best place I have ever been to!Tickets are not too expensive to play also very happy!I played many interesting little game, in the

How to learn English well? Maybe some people donot know how to learn English . English is a popular language in the world at the moment. First, you must know the worlds and master the phonetic (音标)..Learning English words is very easy

迎奥运英语演讲稿 China has its own sport legends. Back to Song Dynasty, People started to play a game called Cuju, which is regarded as the origin of Ancient football. So now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today.


I AM CHINESE 我是一个中国人Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am Chinese. I am proud of being a Chinese with five thousand years of civilization behind. I've learned about the four great inventions made by our forefathers. I've learned about

A:Good morning! Teachers,and all the students. (90度鞠躬表感谢!) 老师和同学们,早上好! B: My name is A 我叫 A A:My name is B 我叫 B B: we come from class 2 grade 6. 我们来自六(2)班.A:It's our honor to stand here . 今天我们非常

Challenges and opportunities 【By Kaiser3344】 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. At present, my fellow students and I have before us great personal and educational opportunities. At the same time, we are running into a variety of challenges.

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