A:Welcome to our Sunday TV show. As usual, let me introduce myself first. I am Kevin. And my favorite TV stat is Kevin. It's me. I am only joking. Now, let's begin our TV show. Today we will talk about people's entertainment. John, what kind of

A:I went to Guizhou Province last weekend,and I bought many keepsakes!B:Wow,What did you buy?A:Many kinds!Strange stone,wooden toy and some other keepsakes.But

这个是断买围巾的谈话过程,英文原版.这个网址有整个谈话过程,还能发音呢!!! http://www.focusenglish.com/dialogues/shopping/beinghelped.html Karen walks into a boutique. She wants to buy a scarf. Sales Assoc: Hi, are you being

A: How have you been? It had been quite some time since we last met. B: I am fine thank you. Let me introduce to you. This is my classmate, C . A: Nice to meet you C. I am A. I'm a psychology student. C: Nice to meet you too A. B: Our exam is over.

Robbie 和Alex是一对好朋友.有一天,他俩在Robbie家发现了一只狗Gemma.他们用了很多办法为狗找主人,但都没有成功.最后,他们来到了一家动物收容所.Linda是这家动物收容所的所长. Linda: Good morning .sir .what can I do for you

三人情景对话:男孩和他的树大学 英语 三人情景对话分享中文部分从前,有一棵巨大的苹果树.一个小男孩每天都喜欢在树下玩耍.他爬树,吃苹果,在树荫下小睡……他爱和树玩,树也爱和他玩.时间过的很快,小男孩长大了,他不再每天都

我从Arnold Lobel的小故事"Cookies"找到灵感,写下这段对话.感觉挺有意义的. Will power意志力 Mike(M) Danny(C), Tommy(T)---classmates Scene----in the college dorm Danny is playing a computer game on his laptop. Tommy is sleeping.

a long ago,there was a huge apple tree. a little boy love to come and play around it everyday.he climbed to the tree top,ate the apples,took a nap under the shadow…he loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.time went by…the little boy had

Topic: the academy life Judih: Hi,Cys,Angy, long time no see!32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333335326233 How are you? C: Hi , Judy.How are you? Yes, It's really long time since we met last time on the " Farewell

男孩和他的树 大学英语 三人情景对话分享中文部分 从前,有一棵巨大的苹果树. 一个小男孩每天都喜欢在树下玩耍. 他爬树,吃苹果,在树荫下小睡……他爱和树玩,树也爱和他玩. 时间过的很快,小男孩长大了,他不再每天都来树

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