Dear Bob: I think you found that your CD is gone !I hope after reading this you won't be mad about me:)Just after I got in China I recalled that I forgot to return the CD to you! I'm so sorry and I hope you can forgive me .I'll mail the CD to you as soon as

Because my father was ill yesterday, I need to go to the hospital, accompanied failed to see you off at the airport, I'm very sorry . I know you must be very angry, but for me, dad is very important also, father is sick, I must go with him .I hope you'll

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:展精耕扛吻 篇一:英语道歉信范文范文1directions:supposethatsarah,afriendofyours,hasinvitedyoutoherbirthdayparty,butyoucannotgoforsomereason.writealetterinabout100

亲爱的史密斯: 我真的很抱歉星期天下午和你的约会,但是我老板临时叫我去北京开会,直到星期一才回来.请您愿谅,作为补偿这个周末的时间一起吃午饭好吗?我希望我们会有一个美好的时光在这个周末. 真的很感激您的到来.谢谢!

dear friend, i am so very sorry for how i spoke to you the other day. what i said was insensitive and hurtful. i was angry but still i have no right to take it out on you. you don't deserve that kind of behavior from me and i know better than to act that way.

因为不知道你是初中作文还是高中作文,因此我按高中处理了Dear Teacher,I am very sorry to say that I had to miss your English class last week because I represented the

dear teacher. I feel very sorry about my behave. I didn't work hard, so I failed the exam.It is none business of you. But I said so many bad words to you.I beg your pardon. You can give me a chance to change myself.I will have good marks to face you.Yours,Student

dear mom and dad: in the last night, i and you had a quarrel. now i know yourself wrong, in this specially apologize to you. i know that i sometimes is very capricious, but i'll certainly be correct. look at my future performance. i'll work harder you back

写给女朋友的道歉信 自从认识你以后,我才知道自己身上的缺点这么多,一时间都无法相信自己的耳朵,无法相信自己的过错.在一连串的事情发生后,才渐渐意识到是…… 写给情人(情侣)的道歉信 经典道歉信息 1 你好像生气了,我心里也

Dear Mr.Smith,I'm very sorry to let you know I'll be unable to keep our appointment this Friday for our business talk as my manager asked me to go to Beijing to deal with an urgent matter and won't back until next Monday.May I postpone our

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