1、邓亚萍1973年6月2日出生于河南剩2、她是我国著名的乒乓球运动员3、在她五岁的时候,她开始打乒乓球。4、1983年,她加入了河南乒乓球队。5、现在她因乒乓球而世界闻名。6、我认为我们应该向她学习 Deng Yaping is an famous Pinpang athlete i...

Deng Yaping is good at playing pingpang,

One of China's greatest ever athletes, Deng Yaping dominated the world table tennis scene for nearly a decade. Known as the smallest giant due to her diminutive height, she won Olympic gold medals at Atlanta and Barcelona. In 1...

Deng Ya-ping is the most great woman player at the history. she learned, fought ball with father from the 5 year old, entered the national team in 1988. After 1997, she successively went to Tsing-Hua University, British Cambrid...

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