Winter is heart disease incidence season, the cold climate and relevant. Therefore, heart patients to pay special attention to keep warm in winter.ground ice, a unit of cold step by step approach to us, which we have to thicken clothes, pay more attention to keep warm.

There are four seasons in a year, each season has different sceneries, and I like winter best when a magnificent view of the snow. Heavy snow in winter, it seems people came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm, came to a glistening

I can remember to play now, I have many things to say to my mother, because I am sorry to have to say no outlet today, take this opportunity of writing, I have to spit it now I want to say to my mother:.! " I love you, Mom, in the depths of my memory,

I like winter best No spring in winter, all things recovery, full of vitality, flowers in full bloom;No autumn that the joy of harvest.But I still like winter very much.Winter, she is the symbol of purity, when stepped into the threshold of the winter snow and ice,

very warm in the winter

I hope you feel warm in this winter.原文是“一个温暖的冬天”,不一定要译为 a warm winter,否则会理解为是指气候,暖冬.这句话的意思应该是心里感到温暖.


Winter with you is full of warmth

winter is my favourive season,you know?the weather in winter is very cold,and even rain hard and snow,some animals sleep all the winter ,such as snakes,tree leaves have been fell down by the strong wind .i thing the winter is the most beautiful

Winter is my favourite season. In the winter, we have winter holiday and Spring Festival, we can make snow fight, and we can have Spring Festival lucky money. In last winter, I with XX1 and XX2 make snow fight. XX1 is good at snow fight player. He

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