衣服的英文:clothes 词汇解析 clothes 英 [kl()z];美 [kloz] n. 衣服 例:Have you got any clothes besides these? 除了这些衣服你还有别的吗?例:He owned nothing but the clothes on his back. 他除了身上的衣服一无所有.扩展资料 一、

圆领短袖汗衫a tee shirt;tee shirt 这件短袖汗衫已洗过多次了,以至于变得不成形了. This T-shirt has been washed so many times that it's lost its shape.


Jacket例句1.要我给你看些颜色相配的短上衣吗?Could I show you some blouses in a matching color?2.男女职员都反对穿白上衣的时候配花内衣,以及穿拖鞋、凉鞋或者无袖上衣.Both sexes disapproved of colourful underwear under a white top, slippers or sandals and sleeveless clothes.3.穿着一件军用防水上衣?Wearing a men's trench coat?4.你看见一个女孩了,穿一件上衣吗?Did you see a girl, wearing a frock?

Traditional costumes of the Korea nationality is cutty sark and longuette.The front of the cutty sark is slant and tied up with long belt,while men wear cutty sark and waistcoat.However,if so,why they

短袖的英文:short sleeve 1、While summer is coming on, special bargain begins in short-sleeved shirts. 春夏交替,短袖衬衫,最廉价销售. 2、I would like a short-sleeved cotton shirt. 我想要件短袖的棉衬衫. 3、So I'll take short sleeved shirts

shirt, coat, sweater, hat, scarf, glove, pant, T-shirt, dress, skirt, sock

一件t恤衫的英文为a T-shirt. T-shirt 英 ['ti:,:t] 美 ['t,:rt] T-shirt又名T恤,起源于美国,也称文化衫、汗衫.饰有特定图案或文字,圆领、短袖,多为针织棉质.T恤是"T-shirt"的音译名,保留了英文字母"T". T-shirt为可数名词,所

男士衬衫:shirt 女式衬衫:blouse 希望对您能有帮助~~~

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