Dear Lihua, I just cannot tell you how sorry I was to learn that you had to go to the hospital. Your family tells me that you are progressing nicely ,and that you will be out of the hospital in about ten days.I am certainly relieved to konw that. In the next day

Lucy is my best friend.She and I company and support each other.We share our happiness as well as sorrows.She is unhappy these days,because she didn't do well in the final exam last week.She is upset.I told her that we all know she worked

Dear . : I know you were failed in your test, and I know you tried your best to do it. It's nothiong about the fail , only study harder next time will you pass the test ! Cheer up! My good friend , believe in yourself , you are the best. Yours,

Dear XXX:You said you were anxious about the coming public speaking in your last letter.You really don't need to be!You have prepared so well,and you can remember every single line of your speech.The only thing you need to do is to trust yourself.I'

I am gald to hear from you.As you said in your last letter,you are very upset.Just because you have failed in one exam. There is no denying that if you lose your own confidence,you will be worse.Therefore,however sad you are,don"t give up .For

Dear Zhang Ming, I just knew that you had failed in the exam,and I am going to tell you that you shouldn't be too sad like it you are now.An exam cannot be the ability you have.Maybe you can do better in next test.You should study harder next term,

Dear John,I am sorry to hear that you didn't do well in your study.I am writing to tell you that it doesn't matter whether you get good marks as long as you have studied hard at your lessons.To study hard is one thing,but to get good marks is another.

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get good grades .I might give you some advice on English learning. First,you should improve your listening skills.Listening to English music might be a both easy and interesting way. Second,speaking English well can

Dear Amy, 亲爱的艾米, I'm Li Hua from Xinhua Middle School of China. I'm sorry to hear that you got the lung cancer which brought you great pain. But you should realize that you are young and have a promising great future. So, stand up and

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