现在的英语越来越普及,随着英语的不断深入,英语作文变得越来越重要,下列是一些英语作文供大家参考.道歉信英语范文1From Joozone.Com's Directions: Suppose that Sarah, a friend of yours, has invited you to her birthday party, but you

Because my father was ill yesterday, I need to go to the hospital, accompanied failed to see you off at the airport, I'm very sorry . I know you must be very angry, but for me, dad is very important also, father is sick, I must go with him .I hope you'll

The article: senior students incentive to the ideal of life is running a target meaningful life, if a person without a goal, as has lost the direction of ships, drift, never warm harbor. My goal is to create new practical, to return to society, personality

dear wangningi,m sorry to you.i ,m mistake you to copy homework ,and i told that is too bad.i,m very sorry about that,i want to get on well withyou .please recover me. yours,lihua

道歉信 letter of apology 我们在工作或生活中,有时难免会犯一些错误,写封致歉信就显得很有必要.道歉信通常包括以下内容:表示歉意;道歉的原由;出现差错的原因;提出弥补措施;请求原谅.写道歉信的语言要诚挚,解释的理由要真实

英语道歉信范文及常用句式 道歉信是指因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对 方赔礼道歉时写的信件.道歉是一种礼貌,道歉信要写得坦率,诚恳.道歉信通常包括三部分内容:1、表示歉意,道歉的原由;

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:鹿使它馗 篇一:英语道歉信范文及常用句式英语道歉信范文及常用句式道歉信是指因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对方赔礼道歉时写的信件.道歉是

Dear Xiao Zhang I 'm terribly sorry that I wasn't home yesterday when you came.I went out to a shopping mall to do some shopping because I did not know that you would come to visit me.If only I had known,I would have stayed at home the whole day

April 4,2011Dear **, I feel sorry about getting late for our date. Because there was a bad traffic jam that day,which made me come late .For a apology , I'd like to invite you for a dinner this sunday. And If there was a date next time, I would come in

I think you should go to bed and have a rest.Before you go to bed,you'd better have some medicinein order to make you feel better.In addition,I like your school very much,it's more beatiful than I imagine.Please don't worry about your putonghua,I will

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