现在的英语越来越普及,随着英语的不断深入,英语作文变得越来越重要,下列是一些英语作文供大家参考.道歉信英语范文1From Joozone.Com's Directions: Suppose that Sarah, a friend of yours, has invited you to her birthday party, but you

Dear Bob: I think you found that your CD is gone !I hope after reading this you won't be mad about me:)Just after I got in China I recalled that I forgot to return the CD to you! I'm so sorry and I hope you can forgive me .I'll mail the CD to you as soon as

Dear miss, First of all,I want to apologize to Miss SHI for skipping English classes.I am sorry,Miss,sorry to let you down.Most of my skipping classes for no good reasons,I am

英语道歉信范文及常用句式 道歉信是指因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对 方赔礼道歉时写的信件.道歉是一种礼貌,道歉信要写得坦率,诚恳.道歉信通常包括三部分内容:1、表示歉意,道歉的原由;

写给女朋友的道歉信 自从认识你以后,我才知道自己身上的缺点这么多,一时间都无法相信自己的耳朵,无法相信自己的过错.在一连串的事情发生后,才渐渐意识到是…… 写给情人(情侣)的道歉信 经典道歉信息 1 你好像生气了,我心里也

因为不知道你是初中作文还是高中作文,因此我按高中处理了Dear Teacher,I am very sorry to say that I had to miss your English class last week because I represented the

Dear Jean, I am so sorry for what I have done.you know,I didn't mean to hurt you at all. Could you calm down and listen to my explanation patiently? it's common that different people have different thoughts towards the same thing .We just had our own

没有内容要求吗?有的话,我再重新补充答案. 感谢信 dear **(对方的名字), i am writing to thank you for looking after me after that unfortunate accident the other day, when i was knocked off my bike by a taxi. if it had not been for your

亲爱的史密斯: 我真的很抱歉星期天下午和你的约会,但是我老板临时叫我去北京开会,直到星期一才回来.请您愿谅,作为补偿这个周末的时间一起吃午饭好吗?我希望我们会有一个美好的时光在这个周末. 真的很感激您的到来.谢谢! 问

Hello XXX,I appologize not to return the book(s) to you/the library in time. I can make sure that this won't happen again in the future. Best wishes,XXXHello XXX,I appologize not to return the book(s) to you in time. I wouldn't make any excuse due to my busyschedule, and I now sent it to you by post.All the best,XXX

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