一、~~~ the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen (known/heard/had/ he has worked very hard. 自从他上高中,他一直很用功. 二十三、It pays to + V ~~~ (

一、总结句型 1) ……in general/above all/with the result that/as a result/consequently,…… 2) As far as I am concerned/as for me,…… 3) This truth above seems to be self-evident. 4) Whether we examine the ……above,such things can happens

1、notuntil引导时间状语从句教材例句 …but your friend can't go until he/she finishes cleaning the bicycle.句型解读not…until/till 意思是“直到…才”,表示主句谓语所表示的动作直到until状语所表示的时间才发生,主句的谓语动词表示的是动

高中英语重点句型 1. What is to be done when something gets into your eyes? 2. It is much too expensive. 3. It's fast and clean and it does. 4. I was beginning to, think that the experiment would not work. 5. Tie the corner of the handkerchief to the

高一英语必背固定句式 1) It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. (从句时态用完成时) 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚. 2) I wonder if it's because I haven't been able to be outdoors for so long that I'


there be句型,加上它的衍生句型;还有it is/was+ adj(for sb)to do ;it is/was +adj +that从句;强调句;倒装句;还有好多好多..

1.set down 记下;写下2.in the first place 首先;第一;原先3.burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物4.centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点5.concentrate on 专心致志于6.Tour de France 环法自行车赛7.keep track of 记录;掌

一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I'm glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I'm pleased to hear that you're coming to China for a visit. I'm writing to


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