be afraid of 担心 恐怕 agree to do sth. 同意做某事not…at all 一点也不 one after another 一个接一个at last 最后 at once 立即 马上at the same time 同时 at work 在上班 be away from 远离go away 走开do one's best 尽某人最大的努力 be busy with

a big headache令人头痛的事情 a fraction of 一部分 a matter of concern 焦点 a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是 absent from不在,缺席 abundant in富于 account for 解释 accuse sb. of sth.控告 add to增加(add up to) after all 毕竟

高考必背经典英语句子(Season Two) 1.I like it in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. 我喜欢秋天的天气既清澈又明亮 2.It was with great joy that he received the exciting news. 怀着巨大的喜悦,他收到了这个令人兴奋的消息 3. The

高中英语词组 1. a big headache令人头痛的事情 2. a fraction of 一部分 3. a matter of concern 焦点 4. a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是 5. absent from不在,缺席 6. abundant in富于 7. account for 解释 8. accuse sb. of sth.控告 9.

2010高考英语重点词组必背150 条 accept as承认是;接受为 account for 解释,说明accuse sb. of sth. 控告(某人某事) achieve one's aim实现目标 adapt oneself to 使自己适应于 address oneself to 从事于;忙着做,着手 amount to 总共达到;

老师画的重点还有我这些above all 首先,尤其重要的,最重要的 make a choice 挑选,选择 at Christmas 圣诞节时 give sb. a clap 为……鼓掌 get close to 接近 a table cloth 一块桌布 a suit of clothes 一套衣服 children's clothing 童装 collect stamps

abound in 盛产,富于,充满 be absorbed in 专心致力于… be abundant in …富于,…丰富 by accident 偶然 in accordance with 与…一致;按照,根据 account for 说明(原因等);解释 on account of 因为,由于 on no account 决不 take into

高考常用词组All1. all by oneself 独立,单独 2. above all 首先,特别是,最重要的是 3. after all 到底,毕竟 4. first of all 首先 5. in all 总共 6. most of all 最最 7. all at once 突然,同时,马上 8. all of a sudden 突然 9. all over (the world) 遍及(全世界)

1.a five-star friend 一位五星级的好友2.in three words 用三个词3. argue (with / against sb.) about /on sth 与某人辩论某事4. solve the problem 解决问题5. be into 对…有兴趣;热衷于6. too much/many 太多的7. be fond of 喜欢8. all the same 一直9.

1.set down 记下;写下2.in the first place 首先;第一;原先3.burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物4.centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点5.concentrate on 专心致志于6.Tour de France 环法自行车赛7.keep track of 记录;掌

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