dear friend: long time no see,how are you does everthing go well?this weekend,we will have a picnic in Zhongshan Park,and wish you could join in us,we will do some sports,play some games,and eat toghter.would you like to join in us?please tell me

Dear AMY,how are you?

常见英文邀请信范文 2006-10-30 19:12 一、Dear sir/madam:Im delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the Conference in [city] on [date].As we agreed,youll

Nivition letter Dear Tim, Since I know you always hope to come China for teaching. I nitice all information about it. Now,I find a exciting news for you. A school now need a english teacher for teaching one term. The task are to teach two classes and

Dear John: I would like to extend to you an invitation to be our guest of the gragon boat racing to be held at the [city name] at December the thirtieth, 2009. As you know, the gragon boat festival is a importand traditional festival of China, which is

Dear Li Ming, How are you these day? I have been thinking about you since last time we met each other. I have asked my parents if you could come to our house at some point, and they said it would be great to have you with us for dinner. After

五种常用的英文邀请信 一、dearsir/madam:imdelightedyouhaveacceptedourinvitationtospeakattheconference in[city]on[date].asweagreed,youllbespeakingonthetopic""from[time]to[time].there willbeanadditionalminutesforquestions.

Dear How are you?I will have a party in my home tommrow afternoon.Can you jion in us?Many student jion my party,like Mike,John.I have already had enough food.So you

Dear Li Hua, I had a birthday party at my home last month .I invited some of my classmates to the party .The party began at 8a.m .on Sunday .All my classmates were not be

Dear Liu Ming:This letter is about the lecture hosted by John Smith from New York University. I saw the Post on 24th June, and the lecture is between 2pm to 4pm, on 26th June,2010 at the Second Reading Room in Library. I would like to invite you to

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