1 您需要再次检查(指但凡走出过安检通道再次进入需要重新安检) We need to check you again,2 check in(行李托运)的最简单英文解释,上次一个巴基斯坦人不知道什么是check in可把我难坏了(*_*) check-in luggages3 您的名字打印错误

机场费 airport fee 出站(出港、离开) departures 国际机场 international airport 登机手续办理 check-in 国内机场 domestic airport 登机牌 boarding pass (card) 机场候机楼 airport terminal 护照检查处 passport control immigration 国际候机楼

1. Let me see your passport please.2. Please fill in this disimbarcation card.3. What's the purpose of your visit?4. It's sight seeing5. How long are you going to stay here?6. I am staying for about 3 weeks.7. Where are you going to stay?8. I will

1. Your passport please!2. How much cash you have with you.3. Any forbidden goods in your luggage?4. Are you travelling along?5. Take off your shoes please.其他的,如果还需要,就把中文给我

(jennyandtonyareatthetrainstation) tony:wewanttotakeatraintonewyork.ticketagent(a):regularorexpresstrain?tony:howmuchtimewouldwesaveifwetook theexpress?a:aboutonehour.thenextexpresstrainarrives innewyorkat3:15.tony:

原发布者:prx0131机场常用的62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333433623830英语口语情景对话 【机场送机英语口语情景对话】 A:Mr.Martin,we'reonarrival. 马丁先生,我们到了. B:lt'sniceofyoutoseemyoffattheairport.

可能有点多,挑有用的看吧 1.入境英语 对语言不通的人来说,入境他国检验护照时,移民官的询问无疑是最紧张的时刻.身处异国本就心情紧张,若再加上语言不通,所有问题都莫宰样,那着实是会破坏旅游的愉悦心情.本单元将告诉你一些

去机场接机情景对话: A: Who will meet you at the air port? (谁会去机场接你?) B: No one. (没有人.) A: Oh, than I will arrange one of my staff to meet you at the airport. (哦,那我安排一个职员到飞机场去接你.) 去机场赶飞机情景对话

苏珊 你知道在锻炼这方面,你们国家给我印象最深的是什么?Do you know which exercise impressed me the most in your country?Shì shénme?Shuōlái tīngtīng.韩美美 是什么?说来听听.Which one?Could you tell

安检员常用英语口语:1.Good morning / afternoon / evening, Sir / Madam, show me your passport/ credentials. 早上好 / 下午好 / 晚上好,先生 / 女士,请出示您的护照/证件.2.Please show me your ID card.请出示您的身份证. 3. Excuse me, your

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