您好,领学网为您解答:中国的象征之一:One of the symbols of China 重点词汇象征symbol; symbolize; emblem; signify; emblematize之一among 望采纳!

……的象征,的英文是:The symbol symbol 读音:英 [smbl] 美 [smbl] n.符号;象征;标志;记号 vt.用符号代表 第三人称单数: symbols 复数: symbols 现在分词: symbolling symboling 过去式: symbolled symboled 过去分词:

中国的象征:Chinese symbol. the symbol of China

我国的文化象征:1.our nation's symbol/emblem of culture2.the symbol/emblem of culture in our country 我国的自然资源因滥用而慢慢地浪费掉.: The natural resources of our country are leaking away through misuse.解放后,我国的宇航事业取得

Industry is a symbol of a nation's modernization. 工业是一个国家现代化的象征

paper-cut is a traditional art in china. it has been making its way along the route of the long history of paper. the kind of art went after the invention of paper in han dynasty, once became one of the main forms of arts, and was popular to the people of

The United States of America (USA) is the only superpower on this globe now. It is a developed country with diversified cultures such as Asian, European and African. Some people call USA "the melting pot" because of the diversity.USA has a

the symbol of…… 给你一个例句吧:The dove is the symbol of peace 鸽子是和平的象征.

National symbol :Accompanied by the emergence of modern nation state emerged ,National Day is both a feature of the modern nation state and become particularly important. Reflecting the country's c

Symbolizes patriot's warm-blooded red,but also symbolizes the national independence and the sovereignty; White symbol peace,pursues the freedom and the bright happy desire on behalf of the people; The

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