和平精英的官方英文名为Game for peace

和平: peace 希望世界和平: Hopes the world peace

和平的英语是:peace 一、读音:英 [pis],美 [pis] 二、意思:n. 和平;平静;和睦;秩序 n. (Peace)人名;(英)皮斯 三、词组短语:in peace 和平地;安静,宁静;安祥地 peace of mind 内心的宁静;明镜止水 world peace 世界和平 at

We love peace, we don't like war, but in this world, guns, guns, explosions, far more than the sound of firecrackers and salute sound. We are against the war, don't like war is for the war days of gunfire licks the heavens. Are everywhere. Smoke

world peace..

《I like peace》我爱和平 With the shiny and wide sky, with the quite and comfortable wind, with the healthy and pretty flowers and with the normal and happy lives. We will use a word to describe it: Peace. Peace, a word that makes everyone happy

世界和平: the world peace

peace 和平希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不明白的请继续追问,可以详谈嘛(*^__^*)

“世界和平”英语怎么说的? (1)world peace (2)the peace in the world

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