I like Jay, because of his cool. In pop music, he remains high, but he is more valuable is hard, very hard to do anything in this regard is beyond doubt, I wish I could be like him the same study hard. 描写周杰伦的 Singer Jay Chou is a great singer, nice

my favorite singer is jay chou. he is a best singer.because his songs are very great.his new cd is 《still fantasy》.in this cd,i think the best song is >(菊花台).the song was written by fanwenshan and jay .it is chinese style.jay can write pretty songs.

my favourite singer is zhou jielun.his english name is jay chow.he was born on january 18th,1979.his height is 173cm,and his weight is 60kg.his favourite sport is basketball, and i think he plays it very well.his favourite singers are usher,babyface and

My favorite star is Jay.I like his songs very much.He is very tall and thin. 我最喜欢的明星是周杰伦.我非常喜欢他的歌.他长的很高而且和瘦. He likes playing basketball and singing.He is very cool. 他喜欢玩篮球和唱歌. 他非常酷. His miusc is very

Jay Chou Birthplace: Taiwan Taipei county Date of birth: the 1979-1-18 (Chinese: the year 20) Career: singer, producer, actor, director, director Height weight: 175 cm / 60 kg Specialization instruments: the piano/guitar/drum kit cello / / electronic

Jay Chou ( 1979.1.18 ) Chinese, Taiwanese, Fujian native of Quanzhou, graduated from Taipei Tamkang middle school, Chinese pop singer, famous music person. The "Asian pop " is called. Its musical breakthrough in the original Asian music


hello to everyone. ma name`s jay chow. I come from taiwan. my favourite colour is bluei`m a singer cause i like sing very much, favourite is hip-hop. I`m quiet boy when i was a child, but now i`m happy, i like to talk, the music takes everithing to me.

my hero i think lots of students like the pop singer named jay. i also like him very much. when he released his first album, i started to buy his album. and i never miss any album of his. do you know as a boy, jay was called dull stupid. but his mother yeh

A singer in China is called Jielun Zhou. He is very famous. Many people in China like him. He has a English name, too. His name is Jay. It is a nice name. He sang many songs. All of them are very famous and popular in China. Jay is also

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