Sorry, I won't be able to make it (for the appointment) or (by 5 o'clock).

1.昨天我买了一台录音机,但他不响.(buy radio work) 2.当我思考数学题时,有人问我问题我特别恼火(annoy question think about) 3.Tom,马上起床好吗? 你得帮我做一个大蛋糕.(please get up have to) 4.在公共汽车上,售票员常说,您

Get lost.滚开!

关键句型一:表示感谢(别人的邀请)的句型(以本题为例) 1. It was very nice of you to invite me. 2. It is so kind of you to invite me to spend the summer holidays with you. 3. Thank you so much for your kind invitation to spend the summer

for the excuse(pretext) that XXXXXX 比如说,他以没时间为由拒绝了我 he refused me for the excuse that he doesn't have time. 其实以XXXX为借口有好多的表达方法,其他的还有 under the cloak of XXX, under the veil of XXX 口语中最常用的就是第一个,后面的比较formal

1. I want to invite you to have a meal with me in a restaurant tomorrow.2. Thank you very much, but I'll have some other business to attend to tomorrow.3. What about some other time?4. Ok, I'll let you know what time will be convenient for me to go with you.

1. 要有逼格要干净(用于绅士撕逼): uh,in~teresting 英语版的“呵呵”,嘲讽不好撕破脸的人就说这句 i don't mean to be rude 我这个人说话直,你别生气 don't take this personally 我不是针对你啊 with all due respect 我不

要拒绝别人光是说 no 是不够的,还得要有充分的理由才行,特别是那些盛情难却的邀请、动用一大堆关系的请求.此外,要很客气又很礼貌地拒绝别人也是一门学问.例如别人约你出去,你要如何婉拒他,让人家下次还会愿意再找你呢? 如果

How to resfue?In our daily life.sometimes,we have to refuse people's requirements and other questions when the things are out of our scope,or ability,or bottom line.So when we meet these situations,how should we do??I think first.we shall think

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