您好! 农民有两种解释: 一种是 farmer (这种是庄园和农场的农民) 读作:发莫儿 另一种是 peasant (这种是种田的农民) 读作:拍咱特 望您采纳!谢谢您的支持!

In recent years, more and more migrant workers have moved into big cities and they have been making great contributions to the development of cities. New buildings need them, roads can't be repaired without them, and the planting and protecting

plant种植harvest收获 water浇水 knife刀 ax斧子tractor拖拉机 tomato西红柿potato土豆 wheel小麦 cotton棉花 corn玉米 chicken鸡 hen母鸡 duck鸭子 dog狗 ass驴子 cow奶牛 pig猪 sheep羊

But it is rarely indeed that there is found in either branch of the service men who have fallen low enough to co?perate with these fellows. From time to time, though, such

if you come to Chinese country ,you can see the vegetables and many fruit trees in the farm, many flowers ,you can breath fresh air, drink natural water.Maybe you can see a river,and some fishes in it.

My Hometown 我的家乡 My hometown lies on the Plain of North China.The famous Grand Canal of China is to the east of our village.This is the place where my forefathers have lived for generations.When I was a boy I often played with other children

农民 英文:peasant; peasantry; husbandman; farmer ; boor farmer 英 [f:m(r)] 美 [frm(r)] n. 农场主,农民; 承包人;复数: farmers

Rural, pinyin: nong c ū n, are different from cities, towns and farming settlement of farmers. In the home of the laborers engaged in agricultural production. Compared with the city name, refers to the agriculture, town, village, to the agricultural industry

农民的英文单词:farmer英 ['fm(r)] 美 ['frmr] n. 农夫;农民;农场主词汇搭配1、fruit farmer 果农2、gentleman farmer 从事农业的贵族3、tenant farmer 佃农4、tobacco farmer 种烟草的农民常见句型:The farmers guarantee the quantity

This year's summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains and fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of

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