Water is very important to the human beings.But now many rivers and lakes are polluted. And what shall we do ? We can do like this: First we must prevent the factory from pouring waste water into the river Second we should stop people from

Keeping Water Sources Clean Who is willing to drink the polluted water? It can cause us to be ill and even to die. We can't wait for a moment to protect our water sources. The water we use comes from oceans, lakes, rivers or streams. But many of

在家里,我们用水洗衣服,洗碟子,烧饭,做卫生,洗澡,做饮料,刷牙等等.工作中,热门用水灭火,种菜,以及工业使用.我们还能在海洋里游泳.水对我们来说很重要,不是嘛?Who are very important to us. We drink it every day. Without water

We should protect and save water resources. Protection and conservation of water resources, from my start from the side of the little things, such as: The Tao Mishui Watering with hand-washing water, flush toilets, faucets when not in use should be

Water Water is very important for living things. Without water there can be no life on earth. All animals and plants need water. Man also needs water. Water is found atmosteverywhere. Even in the driest part of the world there is some water in the air.

we should do everything to save water because it's vital to our lives. there're several ways for us to save water. first, we could always reuse water. for example. we could use the water after we wash the vegetables to water hte flowers. second, we could

Water is very important for us. We must drink water everyday. We can't live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to cook rice, to clean the flat, to have showers, to make drinks, to

Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life.We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn't cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring

The water is the life fountainhead, as the saying goes, the “person may not eat meal by first, but cannot on first not drink water the “humanity's life to the boiling water, the water is not the humanity lives the essential important resources. According

Saving Water The world is not only hungry,but also thirsty for water. This may seem strange to you, since nearly 75 % of the earth's surface is covered with water. But about 97% of this huge amount is sea water, or salt water. Man can only drink and

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