您好!1.I am tired and I have a lot of headaches. 我很累,而且我头很痛. 2.I am feeling not very well at the moment.我现在感觉不太好. 3.You should exercise to stay healthy. 你应该锻炼保持健康. 4. She shouldn't study when she is tired.她累的时候不应该学习. 请采纳,谢谢您的支持!


1 Can you play with your computer .2 Let's help Amy to look for her cat .3 You should drink some water .4 How can you make her feel happy ?*************************************

1. If you not pay attention carefully, you will run into trouble. (感觉 少了个If, 不然觉得语气不太对) 2. I am looking forward to receiving his letter. 应该是用正确的形式连词成句吧.

I was very happy.我很开心It was wonderful.这是精彩的How was your holiday?你的生日过得怎么样?I went to Beijing with my parents.我和我父母去北京We saw many flowers there.我们在那里看到了许多 花Do you want to go there?你想去那里吗?

l.let us go to the bookstore.2.she is asking the way to the sore.3.Excuse me, can you help me?4.His bike is broken.5.You can see the bookstore. Good luck!How ride take get off way to straight traffic girl looking luck here

prep = 介系词;前置词,preposition的缩写 pron = 代名词,pronoun的缩写 n = 名词,noun的缩写 v = 动词,兼指及物动词和不及物动词,verb的缩写 conj = 连接词 ,conjunction的缩写 s = 主词 sc = 主词补语 o = 受词 oc = 受词补语 vi = 不及物

Let us go to the bookstore.She is asking the way to the store.Excuse me, can you help me?Can you see the bookstore?Good Luck!How ridetake get offway to strai

1 what day is it today?2 What do you have on these days?3 tomorrow is monday4 i like thursdays5 we have english , math, and science on wednesdays

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