Attention, please. I have an announcement to make. We are going to visit the History Museum this Saturday. We are going to meet at the school gate at eight in the morning. Please bring a notebook with you and make some notes. We will have a

Hello,everyone.I'mthe class monitor,we are going to make a school trip.you should get to school in the morning in the July 12th.You shoulu wear the sport shoes,because we are going to visit the Great Wall .And you should take some cookers and

5.12 Sichuan big earthquakes have created the massive loss for the country and the people, tens of thousands of people died or are missing, more than 370,000 injured.Many schools are destroyed, school is the unusual 900 students is buried.Saw

题目:Notice居中 主题:正常写,跟平时的作文写法一样.落款:最后写在右下角.日期:写在落款下面.

Notice To help students learn more about computers,we have invited Professor Li Hua from the Computer Department of Shandong University to give us a lecture on Monrday,the third of June.Professor Li will talk about the use of computer and how

notice in order to improve students oral english, an english speech contest will be organized and sponsered by the students' union of the school. all the students of senior 3 are expected to take part in. if you are interested, please register before the

(2005年湖北)明天(星期五)全班同学将去参观科学博物馆(the Science Museum),由你(班长)通知全体同学.(通知的开头和结尾已给出)内容如下: 1. 早上8点钟在校门口集合,步行前往. 2. 下星期一交一份有关参观的报告. 3. 参观时

you\'re always there for me when things tend to go wrong it\'s that faith you have in me that makes our love strong 当我需要你时你永远在那里, 就算是我犯了错误也没关系, 是你对我坚定的信心, 让我们的爱更加茁壮. 8. it\'s your loving and your

1.口头通知 写作指导 ①口头通知一般是由一方向另一方口头传达的 通知,叙述表达尽可能口语化,简洁明了,说清意思就行. ②口头通知不用写通知时间和发通知的单位. ③口头通知一开头可有称呼语,具体因通知对象 而异.常用的称呼语

英语的通知可分为两类,即书面通知和口头通知.写作格式及要求如下:一、通知的标志 书面通知是书面的正式公告或布告,常常是张贴在显眼的位置,多用notice作标志.为了醒目起见,标志的每个字母可以用大写NOTICE(但如发出通知的单位

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