I'm lovin' sunmmer best!或者老土的说法 I love summer best.

I am fond of summer!

summer is my favorite season. i think i have every reason in the world to like summer as i do. one thing i like the most about summer is we don't have to wear layers of clothes. you would feel lighter and happier, even the whole world seems to be

I love summer. There are always many beautiful flowers in summer. And also, I can wear short clothes. In my school, during summer, girls always wear beautiful skirts and boys always wear shirts and shorts. Girls are beautiful and cute. Boys are

可以说,要想写好英语作文,就首先要学好英语.具体方法如下: 1.单词的积累 2.语法的精通 3.课文的熟悉

英文原文: I like summer Like summer, because summer can go swimming, swimming can exercise the body, also very fun, also can eat watermelon in summer and ice cream, also can join the summer camp in summer, summer camp is fun, I like

I like the name of summer.

The summer is coming. I like summer very much. In summer days, I can do a lot of things, such as swimming, eating ice cream, drinking cold water. Besides, the summer holiday is my favorite time. I don't have to go to school in holidays, so I can

有人爱芳香四溢的春天,有人爱硕果累累的秋天,有人爱那雪花飞舞的冬天.我却独爱多姿多彩的夏天. 夏天是炎热的.天公好像发烧了,气温竟达35度!太阳似火球,炙烤着大地,空气闷热,地面滚烫滚烫.动物们可避暑有方,狗躲在阴凉

I like summer, I love his hot. We can take a shower to catch, fish, he reminds me of my happy childhood time, sounded the childhood friends. So every summer can always remind me of wonderful memories, he can always under pressure to a moment of relaxation, liberation.

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